Dacia Logan MCV 2012 (1.42)

Dacia Logan MCV 2012 – ETS2 (1.42)
Updated to 1.42
-Real Sound Engine 1.5dCi
-3 Engines 1.5 dCi
-Front Grill Renault
-BMW 5-Series Seats.
-Renault Steering Wheel.
-Custom license plate from Romania.
-Vossen Wheels.
-Media Nav LG Dacia Navigation.
-5 Speeds gearbox.
-Sport pedals.
Do not edit the mod!
Do not change link!
The car is not stable at roads,please open console and type “g_suspension_stiffness (number) and ”g_truck_stability (number)” and enter!
!!!Attention!!! If you get crashed I recommend disable mods or you can create a new profile!!!
If you want you can adjust the seat position according to your preference!
Author Car: DaNnY3L
Author Interior: DaNnY3L
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6 thoughts on “Dacia Logan MCV 2012 (1.42)

  1. vw tiguan yaparmısınız

  2. incerca sa faci un mod cu un audi a6 c6 pentru 1.41 daca se poate

  3. Why are you guys keep putting Ferrari motors in fckings Dacia Logan 😀

    1. Octavian101

      Most if not all car mods are made using a Skoda skeleton and built upon, that is the default sound that comes in pretty much all car mods unless the mod author modifies it.

      1. I mean sound is not the biggest problem, every 5k car here is faster than porsche 911 gts. But i understand its hard to make a good engine

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