DAF 2021 Reworked v1.45

New chassis
Air suspension
Set of accessories in Dutch style
All accessories are painted
Customization of the interior
A lot of mudguards
A lot of logos
New tanks (painted, matte, aluminum, polished)
A lot of steering
Wheels VDO tachograph functionality

Fixed the reflective material in the sun visor on the inside.
Added a 6-speed transmission.

Update for v1.45



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6 thoughts on “DAF 2021 Reworked v1.45

  1. FAKE

    1. thanks! otherwise I already wanted to download

  2. truckfan76


    Original mod
    is a paying mod
    and hasn’t been updated to 1.45 yet!

    1. original mod is not a paymod

    2. The author has paid ONLY wheel packs for ATS / ETS 2, DAF & Metalesp trailer is free, no need to misinform.

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