DAF CF Car Transporter

DAF-CF-Car-Transporter-1 DAF-CF-Car-Transporter-2 DAF-CF-Car-Transporter-3

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Dont reupload!
First link is Truck
Second link is Trailer

Authors: Taina95, Mr.Green, Kirill73rus, rockwell, kelleci

DOWNLOAD 90 MB [Truck]
DOWNLOAD 48 MB [Trailer]


10 thoughts on “DAF CF Car Transporter

  1. DAF XF E6

  2. It crashes for me…
    I’m on beta btw..

  3. if it worked for me it would be great, once I hook the trailer up it just lifts my front wheels 🙁 how could I fix this?

    1. I’ve got the same problem

  4. Interior-exterior are not correct!

  5. Zallamann

    Test truck video HD on version game 1.21.1s – https://youtu.be/1lN3hzySr54

  6. Game crashed

  7. Peterowsky

    Revoke This Mod To 1.35 Version Pls

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