DAF F241 heavy load old skin

DAF F241 by XBS heavy load old skin.
No SRB sticker ,for you EU sticker ! FOR ALL CABS!!
Have funn ๐Ÿ™‚

Truck: XBS
Skin : Grave


5 thoughts on “DAF F241 heavy load old skin

  1. Good+day.+Many+thanks+for+the+nice+#####+skin.+Please+data+link+to+old+wheels+as+on+this+DAFE+is+possible.+Well+thank+you.

      1. Velka vdaka!

    1. Sorry ,forgot to say ,you also need KAMAZ 54115 truck. No need to drive it or do anything with it ,just put it in the mods ,it will give you ##### wheels .

  2. Velka vdaka!

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