DAF mask in color


This mode color mask in a color that is on the truck

Author: BOBAN


4 Responses to DAF mask in color

  1. Me says:

    does not work for me. Where have i choose it,that the grill is colored? Roof or where. Works it with version 1.3.1? Very big thanks!


    Hallo Spitze,
    wo muss ich auswählen damit ich sehen kann das Grill ist colorierd? Ich sehe nicht blöd. Geht das mit tolle Version spitzte 1.3.1??

    Dankfull Tschausi

  2. vboba89 says:

    I did not quite understand mate? Is it working or not working I tested the version 1.3.1s and works great.

  3. Sorry.. says:

    I tested in 1.3.1 and it dont work..
    But why? 🙁

  4. vboba89 says:

    Do you have another mod for daf?
    If you have anoter mod for daf rename scs file put the zzzzzzzzz.scs and select mod in game and try again for my is working nice.

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