DAF Winter Edition


Winter Skin for DAF Truck
Wheels included

Author: Maxim Sotnikov


6 thoughts on “DAF Winter Edition

  1. Love it And To MAN TGX too?

  2. Daf euro 6

  3. why the internal data of .scs has all from 2012 and to others trucks too – MAN, Scania R, Volvo Classic…?

  4. What graphic mod is using in this photo ? 😀

  5. daf euro 6 please?

  6. apferreira truckman

    a suggestion, make a skin for this truck, or others in which the painting of winter, work as a mod, eg mod winter skin .scs using an alpha channel so that possar use with any skin, do not know if this is possible, it is just a suggestion for those who do know.

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