Daf XF 105.510 Jelle Schouwstra Combo Pack

Daf-XF-105.510-Jelle-Schouwstra-Combo-Pack-1 Daf-XF-105.510-Jelle-Schouwstra-Combo-Pack-2

Daf XF 105.510 Jelle Schouwstra Truck with Trailer

Authors: prikoz, nebilo


7 thoughts on “Daf XF 105.510 Jelle Schouwstra Combo Pack

  1. SUPER !!!!

    1. Thanks

  2. it was private or not ??

    1. Абдуль

      This is bullshit!

  3. the sound work,but it’s weird…

  4. The sound diseaper after driving for a few minutes.(I`m using the steam version)
    Too bad, cool mode and I wish more mods have an extra fuel/info computer like this one.

  5. cool mod IF the sound wouldnt disapear . Hope you can fix this

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