Daf xf 4 axe truck


Replaced daf gallery
Tested: ets2 1.10.1s version

model: scs, edit axorcu


9 thoughts on “Daf xf 4 axe truck

  1. Paťo 201

    * 3, * axles, and it’s not nice

    1. 4… The lift axle counts, too.

      What ever, stop modding.
      This is pure ####, sorry.
      At least put a bit afford into the mods.

  2. ^right, pure crappy ####

  3. ADMIN !!! Delete this ####….

  4. daf xf ve kırk ayak ilginç

  5. Тимофей

    Когда уже эти “классные” модельки закончатся?
    Занимались бы чем-то стоящим, а не го*ном этим. ИМХО

  6. huoooo türkie!

  7. edit axorcu 🙂 siktir turkish smelly

  8. WHY? just WHY?!!!

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