DAF XF Euro 6 8×4/8 Chasis v 3.0

DAF-XF-Euro-6-8x4-8-Chasis-v-3.0-2 DAF-XF-Euro-6-8x4-8-Chasis-v-3.0-1

Version 3.0:
– Added tower

Authors: allabouttrucksim, Henki73, Roadhunter


One thought on “DAF XF Euro 6 8×4/8 Chasis v 3.0

  1. i Think, Tower is no good.
    Tower involving cap, spoiler.
    but, Tower revive deadspace.

    +) Original chassis and 8×4(8×8) chassis compare 8×4(8×8) chassis tyre position different. its amend more good. 🙂

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