DAF XF Euro 6 Animated Steering Column


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Animated Steering Column for DAF XF Euro 6 Truck

Author: Szeryff123



28 thoughts on “DAF XF Euro 6 Animated Steering Column

  1. trucker19


  2. SCANIA730

    need that for my scania streamline too :O
    Really nice mod 🙂 thx for it

  3. André Santos

    The steering wheel turns when the truck is walking?

  4. André Santos


  5. Peshovolvo

    WHy crash me !!!

  6. WOW nice job, make for other trucks please!!

  7. John Snuh


  8. All Trucks . Please Thanks

  9. truckergeerard


    very good yob nice,whit what button do you move the steering wheel? or automatic wen engine stops

    1. automatic

  10. André Santos

    You make wiht ZM3 or Blender?

    1. Blender

      1. Szeryff123

        Nope, Hex Workshop v6.7

  11. Nice mod!

  12. Really cool idea! Fits perfect. THX

  13. Hello how is it possible that this file works it is a rar file

  14. @john

    You can open it with winrar or 7zip either program. then move it to the sii.file in the mod folder.

  15. How should I say this? It’s not really working hahaha


    Nice mod though 😀 (Y)

  16. Он у меня не работает.Почему?!кроме карты,больше модов нет.

    1. Ne povezlo.

  17. Do you have to press a button for it? because it does not work automatically with me.

  18. 1.14 Crash … Why ?

  19. EJTruckingINC

    Can you please update your mod for 1.15.1 it turns the steering wheel sideways when using ZZzz Daf XF EURO6 Reworked & Open pipe sound mod from Kriechbaum. Anyway to update that to work with that sound mod…which i think is the best sound mod i have found…and I love your mod…but i can’t do with out the sound mod lol…If ya can thanks If not that’s cool…still a great mod!!! 🙂

    1. cmon any one can re make this mod to the curent ets version??????

  20. madangkara

    hi bro…can you make the position wheel steering truck/busmod ets2, flat position like this , it is more realistic…especially for bus mod…or maybe you have tutorial? please…

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