Daf XF Euro 6 Light Plus Multiplayer ready

Daf-XF-Euro-6-Light-Plus-1 Daf-XF-Euro-6-Light-Plus-2 Daf-XF-Euro-6-Light-Plus-3

New Daf E6 with engine and transmission Volvo_fh16 750Hp, internal and external sound v8 Scania. Xenon lights, lies
in truckshop with Sirius, bullbar bottom, bullbar front, bullbar top, Side strip Led, The mod works
By purchasing and installing the dealer truck accessories, led lights etc. do not change the engine or chassis,
the transmission and editable! By purchasing the truck with all accessories and saving the game the MOD can be removed, and the truck you can
use in multiplayer!

Author: Mimmo_ITA


12 thoughts on “Daf XF Euro 6 Light Plus Multiplayer ready

  1. very good mod..It is easy to make for scania.streamline?

    1. Mimmo_ITA

      Hello and thank you, for SCANIA is being worked on …:-)

  2. Marc21feb

    he when I put the lights on me daf they will not come forth. I only want to use the side lights on the DAF i now use! Can you help me? Thnx!

    1. Mimmo_ITA

      tell me if I understand correctly, you want to use only the side lights? under those skirts? if so just buy the truck as you find him, let me know if I understand the question

      1. Marc21feb

        Yes u understand me!

      2. Marc21feb

        But it don’t work!

  3. real nice 🙂 I use your mods on mp all the time. could I request a DAF XF with DAF euro 6 sound please 🙂

  4. Piotr750207

    This xenon is blue or white?

    1. Mimmo_ITA ™

      is White

  5. Mod doesn’t work for me. I enable it in mod manager, in single player. I then go to daf shop and none of the options are there. Any idea what i need to do to fix this? I have the same issue with your mods for the man tgx and renault magnum 🙁

    1. Mimmo_ITA ™

      Sorry for the delay, the mod does not work on truck dealers in England

    2. Mimmo_ITA ™

      Indeed, this mod with 1.22 x not working right

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