DAF XF Euro 6 Template


New templates for DAF XF Euro 6 Truck (1.15.x Version)
Truck Changes since version 1.15

Author: Matdom1988


5 thoughts on “DAF XF Euro 6 Template

  1. Just a question…where does 1.15 come from? ..it still says we’re on 1.14.2 on the ETS2 website 🙂

    1. Steam Public Beta

      1. ooh..I see, thanks 🙂

  2. nportegies

    About two weeks ago I have the templates for this DAF adapted and shared in the Facebook groups, but what this person is not told is that these templates are not suitable for every DAF Euro6. Nice that someone shares your work but just a pity that not everything they say.

    Working: 1.14.X & 1.15.X

  3. DoeksGames

    Hee these templates are made by nportegies not by mattdom1988. I hope the real maker off these template would ben on the screen.

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