DAF XF Gartner KG Skin


Gartner KG Skin for DAF XF Truck
Works with 1.21 and olders

Author: balika88


8 thoughts on “DAF XF Gartner KG Skin

  1. Nice skin can make for all trucks

    1. I make this skin just for these trucks: DAF Euro 5, MAN Euro 5,6, Mercedes Euro 6 and thanks. 🙂

      1. GameplayHD2015

        Where is the Mercedes skin?i can not find it

        1. Because I did not do it.
          (Sorry for my bad english!)

  2. Does it work for 50k’s DAF XF?

    1. No.

      1. 1.22 support soon? Doesn’t show up with 1.22

        1. I don’t know, maybe next week.

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