DAF XF105 by Peerke145


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– has interior + vabis wheel
– DLC Cabin work
– many addons (kelsa parts)
– Sound
– skinpack included
– test on v1.22
do not reupload !

Peerke145, SCS


28 Responses to DAF XF105 by Peerke145

  1. Freddy Jimmink says:


    Do i need to say more? No this speaks for itself!

    • Mr.GermanTruck says:

      Now, Peerke has update to v1.22 and DLC Cabin Accessory

  2. snorre says:

    Nice work Peerke145, beautiful skins, top job.

    • zoso says:

      the original author of the skin is Freddy Jimmink
      wash your mouth before speaking

      • Peerke145 says:

        All credits are mentioned in the mod manifest!

        • zoso says:

          He was not referring to you, but because snorre wrote false things.
          Peerke145 you did a good job
          but it would be fair to write the credits on the forum to avoid controversy
          I think so

          • Adamisch says:

            Freddy can go #### his own #### tbh. His skins are simple and nothing else

        • Boy van Wonderen says:

          Peerke you mean ONLY credits for the trucks are given!

          Credits for skins:

          – Volvoduck – Jan Bakker, P.J. Hoogendoorn, Weeda
          – Peerke145 – Gebroeders Kapitein
          – Alexius – Wetter Transport
          – Sufyan – Tieleman
          – Per_DK – Trans Gernad
          – Roadhunter and more, Bring,
          reskinned by Freddy Jimmink
          – Freddy Jimmink – Europe Flyer, Jac. Op ‘t Hof, JP Transport Service, Ronny Ceusters, Tim Goderie, Transportena & Zn

          • Peerke145 says:

            yes that are the credits and they are also in the manifest in the skin pack file

  3. Video: ETS MODS: DAF XF105 by Peerke145 (Euro Truck Simulator)

  4. sewer says:

    Спасибо автору за данный мод. Таких бы побольше в симулятор. Отличная машина!

  5. van Wonderen says:

    Zosothanks for supporting Freddy, but leave it mate, these people just want to have their own community and gladly i am not in it!

    And yes You are right Zoso if the peole had style they would give credits at the forum, but the problem is they don’t know the words “style” and “respect”


    • zoso says:

      Ciao Van Wonderen
      They fight every day, they are against the password, who steals the mods,
      who does not respect the credits
      I take a lot of abuse from imbecill people but I will continue to fight it???

  6. LONGLINERV8 says:

    Freddy jimmy or freddy krueger have you nothing better to do than complaining. yourself you can not do anything but one then skinning. And if it is true that there is a skin on the daf is than I would if I were you, but what is going to exercise more or to do (do better) because the skins and certainly is yours skin for a meter on the daf. Honestly you say I am sorry that the skin of Pieter you’ve let it sit on your can being glad that is the Freddy Krueger! you have your good name to the K ………… thrown ito the modders so

    Pieter (peerke) tanks daf this measure goes on and bertons we do together;)


  7. Killer babys says:

    Shut up kid !!! & go play with your baby part , haha

  8. Riley says:

    Hey peerke145 is there any chance u will release the kenworth w900 in ats soon kind regards riley

  9. Freddy [email protected] says:

    Longliner, You just pointed out what kind of guy You are and that is why i am not friends with modders at all! Most of them are just like You and that is a shame!

    Most of the modders think they’re better, greater and bigger than God, but You for 1, You’re a piece of sh.t! With Your big mouth and atitude You ruin the community. And there are more modders like You, such a shame!

    And for the record i do more than skinning alone

    • LONGLINERV8 says:

      there comes a day when you ask me.
      you can do this or you can do that .build this building which
      and so it went to everybody
      Remember one thing never come to me to ask if I can make a mod or skin make for you

      Feddy remember that

      • Freddy Jimmink says:


        You need me man, i don’t need You (Ed Sheeran)

        Succes with all the things You do

        Kindly regards,

        Freddy Jimmink

        • LONGLINERV8 says:

          i need you hahahaahaha f.. off everybody talks #### on you. ON FB
          So then you think I need you.

          I do not think so bu go and steal tings from other modders

          you needs my . learn skinning go skinning whit windows paint
          ###### faceF…er

          • Freddy Jimmink says:

            What a bad language for a man who thinks he’s better than God, i am glad i dont know You and i like to keep it that way!

            And i don’t care what people say about me, i only look at positive reactions and know who my real friends are

            Again lots of succes, and try to follow a course English instead of modding whole day long, i need google translate to translate goolge translate hahaha

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