Dang Deng v 1.3


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Dang Deng Truck
Replaced DAF Truck

Authors: hamd30, parsa.scs, mehdig, musave_1376, mohammad_92, b!bak, ARMAN.Eсаул01


11 thoughts on “Dang Deng v 1.3

  1. Dang Dat

  2. good

  3. Been waiting for this one..nice job

  4. Ding wing ding bat

  5. Disco and no thing else. S…

  6. dang dent my truck,maybe if you removed those freaky curtains then I might download it.makes the truck looks gay…lol

    1. You mean hairdresser truckers drive it?

  7. LOL DAF cockpit not good.

  8. @dr_jaymz

    this mod its a rip off of the dang deng truck made by hempam group, horrible with those curtains tho

  9. Nooo this is not sirios i have this interior for my DAF dudes please make interior for this truck and will be great 🙂

  10. bechma9a mget3a

    yekhi khorti
    ya7 bani ya7

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