Dirty Dowtons Combo Pack


Dirty Dowtons Skin for Mercedes Truck and Trailer

Authors: Millsyb, Danz, Bora


7 thoughts on “Dirty Dowtons Combo Pack

  1. How did you make it look ##### ?

  2. tu peu me fait un renault premium #####

  3. Thanks for sharing

  4. sapete dirmi dove trovo il DLC di euro truck simulator2

  5. Laz Mohawk

    Yeah…looks more realistic. How did you do it ? What brush or spray tool did you use or something else ? Awsome look. Thumbs up

  6. guitarman306

    Can you send me the link to the truck that you have please. All the Mod sites I have looked at don’t have a UK steering wheel truck. thanks

  7. jabby_bar

    Hi, my problem is . Skin truck apparently does not work, but the trailer works perfectly . My version is 1.18.1s I think the beta version .
    By the way, great job

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