Double Trailers Reunion: the return

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Reunion of several double trailers mods

SCS Software,Chris45,Jazzycat,,AUTIAUTO,Kast, Bora, Abasstreppas,,Habdorn,TSA, Steve, Rowan, Ventyres, Bora, Swen, SW_Mods,OveRTRucK,MDModding,Siebel3D,Sn4k3r, RTA, Nielsen Oliveira, Desconhecido, SMDesign, Walisson Araújo, Cerritos,Fabias, Franck Brasil,FRANCK_PERU,Zetor165Maxterra, Harven, TRAYSCAPES, Bansheewoj,jekich1,Pinga,Bora, William, Corey#03, Guidot, Corby, MacTen, Dro Modding,CyrusTheVirus, Julian11, JL Truck, THEMIMIMIASSHOLE, 2thiswhiningbabys, nothingiscreated everythingiscopied.


12 thoughts on “Double Trailers Reunion: the return

  1. Causes+crash+every+time+you+enter+the+freight+market

    1. I tested using the 3 trailers and 3 Map DLC’s, probably you have crashes because somethings from these DLC’s are missing.

      1. Kogaion78

        I see double cisterns………..I cannot find a smaller mod with that………..only box trailers………so………could you plz point at one smaller with cisterns plz ?……….thx!…….

  2. The Jammer

    Thank you, but would you make a more European pack? I would love to use some of these in ATS though.

    1. I dont have plans to continue, change or update this pack. If you want to remove some trailers just edit this file “def\vehicle\trailer_storage.doubles_noone.sii” and delete those trailers (try and error). I dont own ATS copy so no ATS version.

  3. standalone?

    1. yes it’s

  4. annonomous

    great pack i used it on a map remake of australia an the tipper road train works great for me

  5. nportegies skins

    This pack works with me in the game, all trailers are also featured. It’s a pity that many things are not shining because the skin files are unthinkable.

    A nice pack.

    gr. nportegies skins

  6. My game crashes when i enter some companys and i have all of the dlc’s.

  7. How+to+install+this+mod

  8. rara FiFi

    The mod not active on my games??

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