Dumb Traffic Behaviour by GAARAA

Dumb Traffic Behaviour by GAARAA, shows the dumb behaviour of drivers.

Please maintain good space between vehicles ahead of you and try to drive carefully, as the dumb ones might bump into you on small roads and also on highways.

Might have to wait for the traffic to clear up if there’s an accident otherwise reload to earlier saves.

This mod provides the traffic with its dumb behaviour and its no more a smarter traffic pattern.

This is a completely different mod from the earlier ones.
Some of the major differences are, traffic is now featured country-wise, spawn rules are toatally restructured, small tweaks for FPS and so on….

This one also has a normal Traffic_Behaviour_by_GAARAA mod within the zip-file, choose any 1 of the 2 mods.
Recommended to use along with Bus Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v 3.2, But Traffic Behaviour mod(any 1 of the 2) should be on higher priority.

This is the last one in this series, I had a blast creating and testing this mod, hope you will too have a laugh along the way.
Hope the realistic fans and challenging fans both maybe satisfied.
Finally guys, share the dumb moments you experience using this mod and …surely………. Look Out for that Crazy Driver.





27 thoughts on “Dumb Traffic Behaviour by GAARAA

  1. When one man stands no one notices, but when he groups no one can ignore.
    Included everyone’s highly valued suggestions in it.
    Thank you for your help & support.

  2. jean-michel cristol

    marche pas

  3. This mod should be on top priority in the mod manager.
    Try shuffling the mod manager…
    It will certainly work.

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  5. is this like the challenging version of your mod? I love the mod its amazing and makes the game more fun 🙂 Cheers and happy new year.

  6. Hello Benjamin,
    Yes both are challenging mods in this zip-file, one is more realistic and the other is adventurous.
    Thank you, for your cheerful feedback and Happy New Year.

    1. Thanks for your quick reply. When you are saying realistic you are meaning they obey more the rules of the road? I am using the challenging mod and its very fun.

    2. I found a small issue in the mod. For example when there is an accident on the highway sometimes the cars or trucks tend to want to overtake into another lane and block the whole highway then they will not move again. Also when there is an accident sometimes trucks tend to go a little crazy and dont move.

      A suggestion for something else: Can you increase the speed limit of the ai cars on the highway to have some crazy maniacs who love speeding?


  7. Hello Benjamin,
    Both are Challenging mods but this one has a more European feeling to it.
    The small issue you mentioned, is addressed in this mod to a small extent. (still taking a note of it for future updates)
    I would like to suggest a few tips,
    1. When faced with an incident on the highway, try to manoeuvre through the service lane on the right if possible, otherwise save and load the game again!
    2. When on small roads, if you see a vehicle trying to overtake in your mirror, and if you don’t see any vehicle approaching from ahead in the over-taking lane, slightly reduce you speed the overtaking vehicle will most probably not bump into you and will overtake.
    3. When on small roads, if you see a vehicle trying to overtake in your mirror, and if you even see a glimpse of a vehicle approaching from ahead into the overtaking lane slightly increase your speed, the overtaking vehicle will drop its idea and return to its lane most probably without bumping into you.

    As far as your suggestion to increase speed limits of cars on highway is concerned, seems to be a great addition to the Challenge mod and might be featured there, but not in this mod.

    Thanks for your constructive inputs.

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for your detailed reply. Are your challenged traffic mod compatible with the volatile traffic? I couldn’t understand the difference between them.

      As always thanks so much for your replies


  8. Hi Benjamin,
    Both are very different and are not compatible with each other.
    Volatile traffic shows the rapid changes in ai traffic’s pattern, which further might lead to an incident.
    While Challenge traffic shows the rapid changes in ai traffic’s pattern with uncertain behaviour, which most likely leads to an incident. However , in Challenge traffic after an incident has occurred, the ai traffic tries to restore its pattern quickly.(it tries to reverse in the nearby lanes, etc… as you already know)
    So, they are very different mods from each other.

    I am glad to see your keen interest in both the traffic mods.
    I would appreciate, if you try this Dumb Traffic Behaviour mod and observe the many subtle differences in all of them.

  9. Hi,

    Yes I will try it then will keep you updated with my opinions. What are you planning next?


  10. Hi Benjamin,
    Already tried your ai speed limit suggestion, but that file is restricted for modification.

    Currently working on a sound mod.


  11. Hi+GAARAA,






    Hi GAARAA,

    Ok and thanks. Will you ever plan on doing car mods? Finally I found a traffic mod I will definitely keep since all the others are not really good and they make my laptop lag. Yours didn’t even effect my FPS.

    I am trying out the dumb traffic behavior mod and I noticed that whenever there is an accident on the highway no one is then moving. On the other mod the challenging behavior this problem isn’t as often as this. I don’t know if this is for me but it seems that the ai traffic on the highway has decreased with this mod. Is there a big change from this mod and the challenge mod. I don’t see this mod as a big challenge. This is only my opinion.

    I’m sorry I have so many questions. I hope I am not bothering you.


  13. Hi Benjamin,
    I desperately needed a feedback for this mod from a challenging mod’s perspective. Thanks for your quick response.
    This mod is totally different from the challenge one, it is blended with a realistic feel to it, the challenge mod has more character.
    I will surely try to absorb your useful advice in the future updates.

    The greatest knowledge I acquire is from self reflection and introspection, which all you guys out there are providing me with, so its a pleasure to hear from you.

    Thanks again for useful inputs.

  14. Hi GAARAA,

    You are very welcome. If you need me to test any more mods I am free to do so. I cant wait to see what coming up next.

    Will you be doing car mods?


  15. LucyLuuBoo

    @gaaraa this is by far the most amazing and best traffic mod iv played in the past 3 years honestly where is the donation button?? I love how they overtake so realistically and dangerously you’ve outdone yourself id love to donate im so so super excited and happy with this mod

  16. Hi LucyLuuBoo,
    Happy New Year! I am super excited and happy with your feedback and that’s the biggest donation you can give me.

    Thanks for your support.

  17. Hi LucyLuuBoo,
    I meant to say,
    I am super excited and happy with your feedback and that’s the biggest blessing I can have.
    Tried correcting my earlier comment…
    Thanks again for you support.

  18. LucyLuuBoo

    @gaaraa i even tried to find your mod on the official forums but it isn’t there. This is fantastic iv played many hours with it and i cannot recommend it enough it’s so amazing iv been trying personally to make a traffic mod like this and you have done it to perfection♥♥

    Happy new year and im honoured that the biggest donation is my compliment on your amazing mod please keep up the good work!!.

    Big fan!!

  19. Hi,

    Its me again haha!!

    Are your mods compatible with American Truck Simulator?


  20. LucyLuuBoo

    @gaaraa Will you be able to add the rule so cars and traffic can overtake on white lines please? cause in real life vehicles will overtake on white lines breaking the law this would make this mod so much better

  21. Hi Benjamin,
    You could try it out.


  22. Hi LucyLuuBoo,
    What you are suggesting is an supremely great input.(already noted it down) This mod was the last in this series, but now I will definitely go for another one… and its only because of the support and precise inputs from you guys. (specially – mvm150ml, Benjamin, LucyLuuBoo… and few others from elsewhere)

  23. LucyLuuBoo

    Please do it’s easily one of the best mods ever out there!! id donate if i could it’s that good. I got vehicles to travel faster editing country speedlimits all that’s needed now is overtaking on a white line allowed and it’s perfection♥♥ honestly gaaraa iv wanted this result in many years iv tryed and failed many times and you have aced it i couldn’t recommend such an awesome mod more to anyone it’s a must have mod♥

    1. Hi,

      No it doesn’t work on ATS. Can you try and do it to make it work on ATS.


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