Early Winter mod. v2.1 For 1.15.x


-New textures
-Day starts in 07:00, ends 19:00
-Cold weather
-Removed stars in morning
-Fixed loading screens

Works perfect in 1.14.x and 1.15.x versions



14 thoughts on “Early Winter mod. v2.1 For 1.15.x

  1. Did you remove farming equipment from fields?

  2. With weather or not ?

  3. beta. and that they are ….. this time there on the beta? 100 times the same repackaged.

  4. your Temps are +27 and -67°C…

    1. mistake * the sign °Degree come as a ? on the dashboard

  5. alternative link please, my av is blocking the download page

    1. truck yeah

      he wont put another link because your to pathetic to turn off or alow this site to download this mod. i cant belive there are #### ###### people in this world.

  6. Very nice =)

  7. why is my game crashing every time i try to launch it with mod and have take this version of this mod please help

    1. You have to disable other weather or lighting mods before running, or download a ‘no weather’ version here:


  8. Nimeni_Altu

    This is an AWESOME JOB! ….Thanks man!!

  9. Can you please disable lightning when its snowing in future versions?

  10. Can I use your mod in my future mod “More Realistic” with your agreement? Thank you

  11. Does the mod support Promods, and if yes, is there snow in those parts of the map?

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