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This Egypt Map Addon works fine with MHA Eu Map, Promods Map and the default SCS Map.

Download this mod.
Extract it!
Paste the .scs file(s) into your My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod folder.
Run game ~> Mod Manager ~> Enable mod.

Compatibility: ETS2 1.22.x and 1.21.x

Author: RostigerNagel666


23 Responses to Egypt Map addon

  1. Robert says:

    how do the files need to be place when using this, promods, rusmap and blakans project

    • landon85 says:

      i worked in the following order:
      Fix Promods Egypt
      Def Projekt Balkan
      Projekt Balkan Map Package
      Projekt Balkan Assets Package
      Promods russmap road connection
      Rusmap def
      Rusmap Model Package
      Rusmap Map Package
      Promods Def
      Promods Map
      Promods Media Package
      Promods Models 2
      Promods Models 1
      Promods Assets
      Rusmap def

  2. paul says:

    not sure whats going on with this map but just installed it and steam shut down saying that there was a problem so I restarted the game again to find that the game screen had shrunk to about half the normal playing size ie not fill screen now iam left with trying to sort my game out

  3. elvis says:

    i have promod 2 and try to add it and it crash so not sure whats the problem it says its compat wit promod

    • Tom says:

      I have Promods 2 and it doesn’t; I just put the files on a higher priority than Promods with the actual map lower than the other two files. But I don’t have this piece-of-####-steam.

      However, I find the SINGLE connection between Promods and Egypt, well, lacking, at best. Please add another ferry connection somewhere in Italy.

      • MightyAnubis says:

        Hello. There will be more Connections in the future. The Calais is only the first 😀

        Keep cool, we are really new under all this maps here. I hope you like Cairo.
        for any Questions visit:

  4. Tom says:

    I meant, it doesn’t crash – and forgot to add the the SINGLE ferry is located at Calais – ###?

  5. Tribun says:

    this is a part of the TSM map…

    • MightyAnubis says:

      yes, and this is okay this form 😀
      MightyAnubis = RustyNail666 /ex TSM. So it is my work.

  6. kilroy says:

    hatte auch probs, aber nach einer erklärung vom ersteller
    habe ich jetzt diese reihenfolge im modmanager und es funktioniert einwandfrei. vielleicht hilft es dies dem ein oder anderen.

    Fix Promods Egypt
    Promods Assets
    Promods Map
    Promods Media Package
    Promods Models 1
    Promods Models 2
    Promods russmap road connection
    Rusmap def
    Rusmap Model Package
    Rusmap Map Package
    Def Projekt Balkan
    Projekt Balkan Map Package
    Projekt Balkan Assets Package
    Promods Def

  7. cgaston says:

    It’s a start!!

  8. NHE says:

    It seems to not work with MHA Eu Map, I have tried with only MHA Eu Map, and this Egypt map (without any other mods active) and it chrashes direct regardless of loadorder.

    • NHE says:

      Need to edit myself….
      If you use the “fix-promods-egypt.scs” file. This map woks with the MHA Eu Map. Did´t try that at first because it was a fix for ProMods.

      • MightyAnubis says:

        you right. For the next Release, i should rename the File.
        that s correct 😀

        but nice that you have found the Way 😀
        Best Greetings

  9. slicker4356 says:

    Hello ETS2,
    Through trial and error found with the maps (all current) and extra mods that I was using this order worked for me. By doing it this way my ProMods Definition Package still worked correctly.
    Good Luck and Just Keep on Truck’in.

    Project Balkans Definition Package
    Project Balkans Map Package
    Project Balkans Assets Package
    ProMods+RusMap Connection
    RusMap Model Package
    RusMap Map Package
    ProMods Definition Package
    ProMods Map Package
    Paris Country Region
    ProMods Media Package
    ProMods Models Package 2
    ProMods Models Package 1
    ProMods Assets Package
    Fix Pro Mod Agypten
    RusMap Def Package

  10. Alex says:

    Hey, This is too similar to TSM 6.2

  11. nour says:


  12. nour says:

    by egypt

  13. nour says:

    Hey, This is too similar to TSM 6.2

  14. mahmoud says:


  15. Avgor says:

    Where I can find a Promods – Egypt map fix? I don’t understand german, so I don’t know how to find it.

  16. momo says:


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