Ekeri Jumbo

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Because of motherfucker Antoine Joly who tried to resold this trailer around without any credits of me and my friend Nikola Kostovski,I want post it on public.Now everyone can use it .Enjoy in drive.Give credits.

Van De Broek (Trucker560),Nikola Kostovski


8 thoughts on “Ekeri Jumbo

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.27…

  2. The Simulator Guy

    Seems To Replace Every Trailer In The Traffic

    1. lordmodets2

      All those who feel stolen in their jobs, have every right to revolt, and rightly so, I just think that the moderators of this site should try to restrict a certain type of language so that this does not become a mess, and that maintain a minimum of respect among the visitors of the site.

  3. IWillDerpYou

    Is it skinnable?

  4. Antoine Joly

    Please don’t swear.

  5. Can someone do trailer standalon ? Thanks

  6. I have your permission for skin it ? if possible of course

  7. Hi, can you update this to 1.28: P

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