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Hello everyone, I am delighted to announce yet another new version of Eldorado map. One of the big news is that now the map no longer the DLCs Scandinavia and East Going to work and the map is now part of the original map, and may make loads between countries. Another major step was the map of Eldorado compatibility with other maps mods, such as EAA, the RusMap, Leguinaire, Korea, Romania, among others that have not been tested, but has great chances to work!

1-Download the mod.
2-Extract the mod with the software 7-zip file manager.
3-Copy the generated file to your mods folder.
3-You must create a new profile, if you play the original map is not required.
4-mod Select the “Eldorado Map 1.4.5.scs”.
5-Good game!

-Added Models of direct Scandinavia to mod, and unnecessary to have the dlc’s to work map.
– Added The Eldorado map as part of the original, requiring ship journey to reach Europe.
– Corrigidos Hole bugs on the map.
– Fixed the vehicle license plates.
– It fixed the amount of diesel that was just reset.

-Elvis Amorim GA for dissemination and beta testing.
-Edson Miller Teles for dissemination and beta testing.
-Erico Barbosa da Silva for dissemination and beta testing.
-Genilson Silva for dissemination and beta testing.
If I forgot someone sorry.
I can not forget all the players for their support and praise.
Good game to all!

If you like our work and want to track the development just enjoy our page on facebook www.facebook.com/map.eldorado

Author: elvisfelix


26 thoughts on “Eldorado Map v 1.4.5

  1. 00:07:02.903 : [unit] File ‘/def/world/model.Billboards.sii’, line 11:
    00:07:02.903 : [unit] The unit name ‘model.billboardPL1’ is already taken by an existing unit (of type ‘model_def’).
    00:07:02.903 : load_filtered_unit_array() – Failed to load units from file (/def/world/model.Billboards.sii)
    00:07:02.936 : management\core_resource_server.cpp(551): [email protected][email protected]@@UAEXXZ: Data error.

    1. elvisfelix

      which map you are trying to use together ?!

      1. zen zenter

        eu nao tenho nenhum mapa e mesmo assim e salta com o mapa original e os 2 dlc ,como fasso ?

        1. elvisfelix

          não se esqueça de ativar o mapa! e o mapa deve ser a versao 1.4.5 para funcionar e aparecer.

  2. which map you are trying to use together ?
    Eldorado Map v 1.4.5 + PolRebuild_map_reloaded_1.95 (It did not work)
    Eldorado Map v 1.4.5 + Russian_open_spaces_18 (It did not work)

    1. elvisfelix

      I will be testing in these maps and try to correct for the next version.

  3. AussieTruckMan

    I enjoyed the map but you have to fixed the problem with the pause menu map, I can’t see your map because it won’t go down far enough.

    1. Same here

    2. elvisfelix

      probably more than any map you are using modified my file and limits the Map camera, preventing you from viewing my map.

      1. For me there was another mod that didn’t allow me to go down

  4. parabens pelo mapa muito bom recomendo.

  5. Walter Plinge

    Good Map – Best I’ve seen in a while. Could you make this work with Promods map please

    1. Walter Plinge

      Could I please add – TSM Map to that – Many thanks – You are a good Map Maker.

      1. elvisfelix

        the tsm is already compatible in the test version! the promods’ll be testing and if successful will be compatible in the next version!

  6. does’nt work with russian open spaces, please fix it, for the following version, and with that map, I might have the biggest map of this game, I think so, jajaja I work with this maps
    russian open spaces
    baltics map
    dlc east
    dlc north
    please change it y fixed for the next version :d thanks and very nice map

    1. elvisfelix

      I’m working gradativavemente to increase the compatibility of my map with others!

    2. elvisfelix

      * I’m working gradually to increase the compatibility of my map with others!

  7. Drive Safely

    Now the next major step would be to make it work without a new profile 🙂

    1. elvisfelix

      as the map had a very big change since he began working with the original, there was the need for players to create a new profile or would use the same as used in the original map! but from now who already have the map in this new version and you upgrade to later versions do not need to create new profiles.

  8. please new download link it is not opening

    1. elvisfelix

      you can try using this link to download the mod map: http://uploadfiles.eu/kc1ryl341yyx/Eldorado_Map_1.4.5.7z.html

  9. luiz carlos

    este jogo e masa de mais

  10. im using it whit the original ets2 map and the new update broke it any chance you can fix it? 🙁 i like your map

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