Enterable Train Station


See video for more info.
Author: Nikola Kostovski


14 thoughts on “Enterable Train Station

  1. Trucker0900

    Which update is this map for?

  2. It’s broken.

    Dover – Calais, you spawn in the train yes, but then when you exit, the arrows point the wrong way and you are exiting off the enterance ramp. Unrealistic, I removed it.

    Fix this, and fix that when you get to Dover you have to drive in the train to get to Calais then it’ll be perfect. For now, this seems rushed and is a beta in my eyes.

    1. trucker richy

      John you are exiting the wrong way because the truck is facing the wrong way before you exit the train, not the arrows. lol

    2. trucker richy

      John the chanel tunnel doesn’t go from dover to Calais, it goes from Folkestone to Calais.

  3. trucker richy

    Nikola mate, this only works from Calais to Folkestone, normal from Folkestone to Calais.

    1. Wait the 2nd Version of the Enterable Train Station 🙂

  4. works on any maps????????????

  5. Normally a first release works well first time out the box. For arguments sake rename the Dover’s to Folkestone then. Sheesh.

    The point is, it doesn’t work from Folkestone to Calais, when you get dropped in Calais from Folkestone you are facing the entrance not the exit gate. The arrows point towards you not away from you.

    1. trucker richy

      John I think I pointed that out mate, you don’t need to repeat what I said

    2. trucker richy

      Nikola will sort it out, he’s a good guy just wait

      1. Yes, drive on car-train. Like the way you’re thinking! Can you make it also drive-off? And entering it more realistic?
        Now you can enter it almost eyes-closed.
        There should be – as in the real – a maneuver to enter it. Sounds horny, but there you have it.

  6. Алексей

    Бля.Твой мод производит падение игры.

  7. It’s work for ETS V1.8.2.5 ?

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