ETS 2 S-U-P-E-R V8 sound Scania open pipe V1.0


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This is a sound mod for scania v8 engines. It is based on real scania open pipe V8 sound. It has the characteristic crackle sound of the most Greek tuned trucks. Tested on version 1.16

Jim Air


25 thoughts on “ETS 2 S-U-P-E-R V8 sound Scania open pipe V1.0

  1. like a washmachine… hahaha

  2. JogasPerdes

    Men, take that truck to a garage right now! The valves are tiking and the injectors doesn’t sound like they’re new…

  3. Why would anyone want this sound in their ears?

  4. Walter Plinge

    Pretty-Chitty-Bang-Bang… We love you! lol

  5. No coment


    “This is a sound mod for scania v8 engines. It is based on real scania open pipe V8 sound”


  7. Man that sound like a 2 struck moped.

  8. you should improve the sound is very good mod, I think like others

  9. Yeah that sound would be great in case of your truck having 99% damage… like dude ### ###### sound

  10. Moyeszka Aledaisa

    This is the worse sound I’ve ever heard! If greec trucks really sound like this, they all need to visit the Scania garage in DECENT COUNTRIES, cus that sound ain’t good!

  11. This sound is more broke than Greece’s financial situation.

  12. Listening to the video I know what the problem is. The exhaust pipes are removed and the engine cover is off and all the exhaust gases are coming in the cab as well as all the engine oil is spraying all over the driver. Wait long enough and his trophy of sound will become a glorious explosion of BOOM CHUCKA-CHUCKA- BOOM-BOOM. Run for your life !!!!!

    1. Attention Jim Air: Dr Kriechbaum’s Sounds Lab is just around the corner Please look for it!!!

    2. @dr_jaymz

      lol dude XD

  13. Mr. Iceliner

    2 Tackt Moped hahahahahahaaa

  14. now that i have that in my youtube play history, i shall be promptly deleting that..
    speaking of youtube, sounds like multiple sources of scania videos on youtube have been blended together and then resampled as 8bit chip sounds..

  15. MacedonianWarrior

    Sounds like a water pump 😀 #### xDDD

  16. Wellington

    My Volkswagen Beetle 1986 has the same sound . kkkkkkkk

  17. Ow, you all made de OP remove the video before I could listen to the subtle nuances of a fine-tuned Greek engine.

  18. hello people, someone can make this sound as a mod !? pleas !?

    1. I’m using this one and looks close to that sound

  19. the steering wheel suckssssssssssssssss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. duedtu

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