ETS2 ~ Increace FPS ~ [1.32]


▶ Increase FPS mod increase your fps ingame and make game playable on low end pc !
▶ Improved clarity, smoothing, colors, HDR (lowered the glow), bloom (reduces), granularity. The picture becomes without soap film.
▶ Faste game loading
*You can support my work if you want on sharemods
happy Trucking



6 thoughts on “ETS2 ~ Increace FPS ~ [1.32]

  1. Hey as.hole stop using Aradeth’s screenshots.
    At least give credits you loser.

    1. Yes. he/she is a ##### Thief with a Lot of Names and Accounts. 🙁

      1. Abrienne-HN

        Why are you crying? I made this mod so don’t hate

  2. Abrienne-HN keeps your computer !!!

  3. hello incredible friend your mod, by chance you will know or you will have the knowledge to do this same mod or work for ATS? thank you for your contribution ..

  4. video

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