Ets2 Scania Next Gen İnterior Light Pack

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I made this mode.
dont mixed with steam mode.
Dont Reupload!
Ets2 Scania Next Gen İnterior Light Pack
Light color: Aqua, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple and Yellow.

Kadir Yağız


9 thoughts on “Ets2 Scania Next Gen İnterior Light Pack

  1. Kadir Yağız

    I made this mode

    1. it was better with the light background option (like the first version)
      because it replaces all the other mod panel
      however, congratulations the mod I like it

      1. Kadir Yağız

        i will be adapting to other scania r 2012 and streamline

        1. Sorry I did not see 12v Panel Light Pack
          I thought it was an update and I had eliminated it.
          I prefer this version, you can also insert the panel light but that does not replace the other panel mod? (higher up the panel)
          it is not a request.
          Thank you

          1. Kadir Yağız

            no problem. thank you

  2. Mak-Kyver

    if you are Harven yes you did, otherwise you copy his mod…

    1. Kadir Yağız

      not a copy. this mode can look at my file

  3. DeTransporter99

    Can you make possibile to use this mod with the O for beacon?
    I think if is better to can switch easily to on and off.. 🙂

    1. Kadir Yağız

      unfortunately this light does not fit the beacon

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