ETS2 TZ Trailers Pack (1.28.x)

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This mode replaces the original SCS trailer for TZ express trailers.
In TZ Express trailer mode, models from other manufacturers are used for GTS / ETS1. Models are modified and completely transfigured. The author’s models have been converted for use in ETS2. I thank manufacturers for the perfect job.

Conversion author and mod: Rommi TZ
Model authors: Paulo, SCS software, Csumpi, Robson92, Wombat, Kamil, Driver, Patryk, Wietszyk, Igor, Sib3rius, HoburPawTrans, GTM mjaym, Alex Antonov, Mr_Zer, Königszapfen, Roadhunter, Sheryo, Tony1971, HOTRACER, Rommi TZ and unknown model.
Author of Definitions for Blank and DLC Trailers: Lukáš “HomerS”

Magyar “kvas” trailer tank: Martin “Golfin”, error correction and compatibility with DLC nord: Rommi TZ
Mod contains textures by George Gold.
All this includes recognition and long gratitude. 😉

!!! Mod is produced and tested on version !!!

TZ Rommi


6 thoughts on “ETS2 TZ Trailers Pack (1.28.x)

  1. HD video test for 5 minuts:

  2. Very nice, BUT how to download?
    I did not understand the Language and cannot find a Button to download…

    1. vanhouten_cz

      on the top is language selector

  3. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.28…

  4. tn_open+top+trailer+Delete?

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