Eurolink Ljungbyhed Ekeri Combo

EUROLINK Ljungbyhed by scaniakungen730
Skins should be metallic but IDK how it works.
Support version 1.31.x
Mod needed:
-Scania RJL
-Ekeri addon by kast
-Ekeri Dolly Trailer addon by kast

Do not re-upload this mod please!

Follow for more skins:
IG: @pi.ets2v8
FB: Apirak Junthon

Ekeri by Kast, SCS, RJL, 50Keda,


One thought on “Eurolink Ljungbyhed Ekeri Combo

  1. nicelook!

    there’s an additional option for the ekeri (ekeri_box9.sii)
    on the truck, easy fixed, just a reminder if any more skins are produced/uploaded.

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