Europe & Turkey Map v 2.6

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V2.0 – V2.1 –》cities of other countries on the way from Europe to Turkey to Zagreb, Belgrade, Nis, Sofia
addet rail service from Salzburg to Edirne
Scandinavia DLC
V2.5 –》new city name is Kırklareli & we have new street from europe to turkey this is small and dangerous
V2.6 –》NEW CITY name is Yalova

for game update 1.21.x

Authors: SC SKINNER – Levent Yilmaz


20 thoughts on “Europe & Turkey Map v 2.6

  1. und tsm ????

  2. where is budapest man? Szeged?
    cool but why did you remove those places?

  3. TSM or PROMOD !!!!!!!!

  4. AlexCrazy

    this version with all Hungary cities and not cracked roads –
    edited by LehaM & I

    1. AlexCrazy! Карту Турции соединял с Европой и достраивал дороги, то есть редактировал, не by LehaM & I, а barguzin2217! В этой теме всё ясно написано.
      Дата добавления 22 ноября
      № 44514545
      Название: map Europe – Turkey V.2.6.7z
      Размер: 178.33 Мб
      Размещен: 2015-12-04 14:03:06
      Доступен до: 2016-01-03 14:04:51

      Совпадения один к одному.
      Будьте предельно корректны при написании подобных текстов и не размещайте файлы на говнопомойках типа – Русолдер, которыми давно никто не пользуется.

      AlexCrazy! Map of Turkey joined to Europe and finishing work of the road, that is edited, not by LehaM & I, and barguzin2217! In this topic, all clearly written.
      Date November 22
      Number 44514545
      Title: map Europe – Turkey V.2.6.7z
      Size: 178.33 MB
      Posted: 04/12/2015 14:03:06
      Available until: 01/03/2016 14:04:51

      Matches of one to one.
      Be correct in writing of such texts and do not place the files on govnopomoykah type – Rusolder, which has long nobody uses.

      1. AlexCrazy

        смени свой ник на Вкаждойбочкезатычка

  5. Hello, AlexCrazy,
    that´s nice with your Link, but I do not understand russian.
    Where is please the Downloadbutton ?
    Thanks for your Reply.

    1. Ok, forget it please. I´m clicking a little bit and I got it. ;-))

    2. AlexCrazy

      [url=]ссылка на изображение, размер: 278 кбайт, 604 x 892 точек[/url]

    3. AlexCrazy


  6. My brother , if you still build this great map addon , please bring back the towns in Hungary that we have eliminated : Budapest, Szeged and Pécs !!!

  7. folder that you have built is super beautiful but should return the cities that we have eliminated map scs original sin , has no charm without Hungarian towns that are no longer

  8. I downloaded your map twice and I played it, but until you fix Hungarian cities , not download anything !

  9. Is this compatible with tsm map

  10. José Lauro

    Please compatibility with TSM. If it works, it will have 13 maps together

    1. KlavKalash

      Can you give a list please? i’d like to know what’s compatible with TSM

  11. artur2000

    Hello this is compatible tsm 6.0 and rusmap 1.5.2? Thanks

  12. lolnoobhax

    I guess this isn’t working with Promods/Rusmaps/Poland rebuild?


    Game version 1.21
    Maps :
    – standard map with scandinavia and going east DLC
    – Australia tasmania map v5.2 must be the first map you add to work good in combo otherwise will have an big issue , he eat some roads from other maps .
    – TSM map v6.1.1
    – Rus map v1.5.2
    – Baltic countrys v0.1
    – Scandinavia rebuilding v1.2
    – EAA map v2.8.x
    – South corea 5.0 = ( South Korea Offroad Map + Island Map + Panjelajers Indonesia Map + Eldorado Map + Complicated roads Map + Peru Map )
    – Russian open space v2.3.1 that have to be added as last map or you will have crash bug at some gasoline station
    – Fairy for TSM 6.1
    – you will need huge map zoom x4 to see every part of the map
    All this work fine together.
    I know that turkey map is also compatible but is not working yet for me in combo . For now the version that doesn’t crash my game is Europe – Turkey Map 1.0 BETA but eats roads from other maps . I place it after Australia as number 2 in mod manager and the only roads missing now are only from turkey . I don’t know why position can make a map better or worse 🙂 Thanks to turkey map we can add even Ro map addon v4.2 (ony 1Ro_Map_Add-On.scs and TSM_Map_5_map.scs because lituania we already have it from Baltic Countrys) . But turkey and romania have this issue that some piece of roads are missing (bug).

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