F.S.C. Star 200 v 1.3


The truck is completely autonomous
This truck you can find it in the large truck saloon of Scania
Version games: 1.9.22,

Author: Ekualizer


10 thoughts on “F.S.C. Star 200 v 1.3

  1. Does not move

    1. only on manual… like a real

  2. Ekualizer

    Move .. but only with manual gearbox.

    you need to read the readme

  3. @dr_jaymz

    nice truck, i love the motor sound…

  4. mod made all the scania trucks invisible.i cannot see any of them at all.

  5. ekualizer

    look in game log

    modification works correctly

  6. Like we can understand the Polish readme :/
    Even with manual gearbox, i cant get it moving while shifting..

  7. Here is a movie of it.. when you figure out the gear box 😀 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xr_KnR8SwLM

  8. Ekualizer


    – Specifications this truck is taken from the original documentation
    – Capacity 6 tonnes + trailer up to 8.5 tonnes
    – Max speed 90 Km/h
    – fuel tank 150 l.


    1. Star 200
    2. Star c 200
    3. Star c 244
    4. Star 244
    5. Star 266

    The truck is completely autonomous.
    You can find it in the large truck saloon of Scania.

    I do not recommend the use of the automatic gearbox

    Tested on: 1.9.x patch

    The authors base model: Orzech ,Paffalek, Scenerio, Kuba 141

    Model wheels: Racing

    Heavy edit ( remodeling ): Ekualizer

    Testing and technical consultation: GLAM21

    I agree to taking out on other forums, provided the behavior of
    the original description and a link to the top download.
    Otherwise, stop sharing new versions of this modification.

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