This is a skin for Scania R 2009

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12 thoughts on “Fantasy-Woman

  1. Give us the link for the tuning mod

    1. search for scaniamegastore1.5 you find it here

  2. siegfried

    wo krige ich so ein scania mod.danke.

    1. das ist der scania megastore 1.5 bekommst du hier

      1. siegfried

        wo genau?Bitte.

  3. RacingFede

    Where did you found that wheels?

  4. The Scania- Mod looks like MegaStore 1.5. Can get it here.

    I´m also interested because of that wheels… 😀

  5. siegfried

    Plies link for Scania mod

  6. the scania mod is the scaniamegastore1.5 you find it here

  7. siegfried

    Danke hab gefunden

  8. darnellm09

    Nice skin, what’s your Steam ID? Lets be friends, I’m darnellm09 on Steam

  9. Aggnegor_

    need rear bumper mod link

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