Fast Level + More XP


Tested Version 1.15.x
€ 5,000,000 + 250XP per trailer parked correctly.
Author: Fred_be


6 thoughts on “Fast Level + More XP

  1. ola sera que podem por na versao 1.14.2

  2. Do You Get More XP For Deliveries?

  3. TeddyBear

    Doesnt work.

    1. goldchass


      If you use a map mod or economy mod, this is normal.

      Without map mod, ensures that this mod is loaded at the end. Rename the file with “zzzzz” before the name.

      1. TeddyBear

        I use promods map 1.81.
        Must be something conflicting if the mod dont work with maps.

  4. Please, make Lamberet SR2 standalone for 1.14/1.15, because I heve Chereau 1.14 from you and I want also Lamberet. (But I don’t want all of Trailers Pack v 1.0.)

    Thank you in advance

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