Faster XP Mod

Faster-XP-Mod-1 Faster-XP-Mod-2

This is a very simple mod (especially compared to all the other awesome mods here) that increases the rate at which you earn XP while playing ETS2.

There are two .scs mod files:
EasyXP.scs — over 20% increase in XP earned driving + 250 xp for parking the trailer
CrazyXP.scs — over 300% increase in XP earned driving + 500 xp for parking the trailer

Author: grep


9 Responses to Faster XP Mod

  1. noisiVehT says:

    Hello, how to download it? I press on the link, but it doesnt work, and I dont understand in Deutsch

  2. Gnitto says:

    i have used this xp mod before:

    6000xp for parking the trailer.

  3. razvan says:

    I have tried both of them and none work. Still getting 45xp for parking.

  4. paul says:

    dos this mod work on 1.1.1v any help welcome

  5. roketminecrafter says:

    If I have “XP, Money and Police”, “Easy XP” and “Crazy XP” Do I get a TON of xp?

  6. bmn says:

    does it work on v1.1.1????????

  7. rubleep says:

    No, you have to get a legal copy.

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