Faymonville Megamax 3axes Hatch Loader V1


ETS2 1.12.1
Faymonville Megamax 3axes Hatch Loader V1 17.09.2014

– Faymonville by Roadhunter
– Wheels by ???
– Connection Flange by Roadhunter
– Maschienen foundation base plates


cargo “Maschienen Fundament Grundplatten” weight 15tons
cargo “Faymonville Schraeglader Leer” weight 5tons
cargo “Stahl Verbindungs Flansch” weight 9 tons



5 thoughts on “Faymonville Megamax 3axes Hatch Loader V1

  1. amir hesariir


  2. nice! could you make a mod pack with all your load mods?

    1. I have the same question.

      1. You can find a Pack of his Trailers on the TSM- Site.

  3. I like surprises from Roadhunter. 🙂
    So finally again 3 Trailers more in my Collection. Wonderful.
    Thank you.

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