Finnish Radio Stations v 1.1

Includes 4 finnish radio stations (as of now)

Works on both, ETS and ATS (all versions supported
Install: copy live_streams.sii to C:users/[username]/Documents/Euro Truck Simultor 2

* Nova
* Suomipop
* Aalto
* Suomi Rock
* Radio City
* Jarviradio

I will add more if requested ?


Added two new stations
Fixed Bauer media stations, Stopped working few days ago.



4 Responses to Finnish Radio Stations v 1.1

  1. Wizardlysense says:

    it includes 6 stations instead of 4, my bad

  2. matias.jauhiainen says:

    can you add Hitmix

  3. Aleksi says:

    aito hitti would be cool

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