Firefighter Trailer Skin


This is a Firefighter Trailer Skin.



8 thoughts on “Firefighter Trailer Skin

  1. allthegoodusernamesweretaken

    LOL, that is terrible

    1. like you lol…

      1. allthegoodusernamesweretaken

        your mom

  2. If this is your first skin is more ‘than good, it is normal that comes out like that, but then as you will experience, then do not make ###### comments, at least he did his first skin and you? If you do not like no one told you to comment or download it …. @allthegoodusernamesweretaken

    1. allthegoodusernamesweretaken

      I could say the same that no one told you to comment either.

  3. Here’s why it is terrible in case you may want to improve: A picture of a fire engine, on a trailer, so much sense it makes… Not.
    Texture squashed and stretched to fit.
    Texture applied to two parts of the trailer, redundant and unaesthetic.

    1. allthegoodusernamesweretaken

      Exactly! It’s great that more people are trying, but don’t just knock something up in 5 minutes then upload it. Try a few things out first, take your time. Think about the design, are you going for realistic? Does it look good?

      Only once you have done that, then upload it!

  4. exactly it doesn’t make any sense !! a trailer for fire fighting doesn’t need a picture of a fire truck on it !! you may just paint the trailer with the same colors as a fire truck and some symbols of the fire department !! that’s it !!

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