Fix EAA4.1.1+ProMods2.11


This package contains the files for combining maps EAA4.1.1 & ProMods2.11.
The changes affected only the files of the world and some prefabs.
Connection details in the archive file.

Drive Safely, m1key, dobr4060


3 thoughts on “Fix EAA4.1.1+ProMods2.11

  1. WarthogCC

    Need a new one. Promods is now 2.1.2 and EAA is 4.1.2.

    EAA crashes with ProMods currently. So we need this.

    1. cangarujack

      i agree

  2. When come the new fix for EAA Mapa v.4.2 ans ProMods 2.16???
    We need as soon as possible, please.
    Thank you, for your importend work to connect this maps!


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