Fix for the Map of Moscow Region 2.0

Fix for the map of Moscow region
fix fixes some errors and adds all truck dealers,
dealers are in the city of Kolomna, the file is unpacked in a mod folder with a replacement

Fixed issue with departure

It was checked on version 1.30



6 thoughts on “Fix for the Map of Moscow Region 2.0

  1. abdelillah


    1. description read?

  2. not working -_-

  3. abdelillah

    can you make it on 1.28 ! please

  4. please fix for 1.28.x

  5. This works fine on 1.30 with the latest version of Moscow region.

    To all the people saying that it doesn’t work: Read the description! You have to replace the original *.scs files with this map.

    Working loading order:
    Map_Moscow – definition
    Map_Moscow – companies
    Map_Moscow – map
    Map_Moscow – models1
    Map_Moscow – models2
    Map_Moscow – models3
    Map_Moscow – models4
    Map_Moscow – models5

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