FIX Promods-v2.10 and EAA V4.0 V.1.24


Fixed solves conflicts with promods-v2.10 in between EAA V4.0 V.1.24

Link Fix –

To install from top to bottom as in the picture:

Author EAA – Team EAA – Link –

Author PROMODS – Team PROMODS – Link 0-

Authot Fix Bonas (Grupo ETSPX) – … =bookmarks


3 Responses to FIX Promods-v2.10 and EAA V4.0 V.1.24

  1. sheppardpat47 says:

    Also crash when i go to Calais for use the Ferry… :c

  2. routier31300 says:

    the big #### , test before you put online , do not download , the game crashes

  3. Cipinho says:

    indeed no problems, the map works fine with ProMods 2.1 there is however a problem, no job from Europe to EAA. there are many Brazil to Brazil and a few from Brazil to Europe but none from Europe to Brazil.
    any ideas how to fix this?

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