Fix to run the Map Harsh Russian R13 to patch 1.23

Harsh-Russian-1 Harsh-Russian-2

Fix to run the map Harsh Russian R13 to patch 1.23
Fixed a crash in the version 1.23

Authors: _69_mf_, goba6372


4 thoughts on “Fix to run the Map Harsh Russian R13 to patch 1.23


    My game still crashing!!!! And i don´t know why…. Why don´t you guys do a video (tutorial) on how to intall the map? It will help a lot of people!
    So i have the patch 1.23, i´ve got the Harsh Russian Map R13, i have the key and i have this to “fix crash”! So tell me… why the game crash after i choose the “Start Location”?

    1. Happens with me aswell D: I disabled all the ETS2 DLC in steam but it still crashes when i try to select a city to start in my game. -___-

  2. same with mine… crashes after choosing the start location… somebody fix this…

  3. Maximix93

    Working, Thanks!

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