FIX02 EAA 4.1 and EAA BUS 4.1


Fix for EAA and EAA BUS 4.1
Fixed minor configuration error
Fixed the city Colatina and Goiania

EAA Team


3 Responses to FIX02 EAA 4.1 and EAA BUS 4.1

  1. ArmandoTuning says:

    Excelente mapa, único problema que de vez em quando os cromados e vidros do caminhão ficam bugados.
    Aguardando a chegada da versão para o nordeste!

    • ArmandoTuning says:

      Excellent map, only problem that occasionally the chrome and glass of the truck are buggy.
      Awaiting the arrival of version to the northeast!

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