Fliegl Mega Pack v 1.0


Its mega trailer for low deck trucks. Trailer replace all other trailers in game. Template included, file is not locked. Tested and working on v1.22.X.

Authors: satan19990, BalczaK, Stocki

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10 Responses to Fliegl Mega Pack v 1.0

  1. kiLLer Modding says:

    nice 😀

  2. Claus66 says:

    @satan1990: i like your mega trailers. where can i get low deck trucks, for example Mercedes MPIV or MAN?

  3. Ian says:

    Trailer collision point needs looking at,bends the back of the truck..

  4. Lemnaru600 says:

    I need that Mercedes so bad.

  5. DerTuerko says:

    Great work but Make versions of krone or schmitz for this trailer please

  6. TruCkerDawe says:

    Trailer collision ….. BIG FAKE on this S-U-P-E-R mod 🙁

  7. Baku says:

    Very nice trailer but engages the cabin when turning in a Mercedes MP4 where you can download the mod to mp4 chassis under the low deck under orginalnego Mercedes MP4 player, with games Please Give stranded wanted to leave the trailer but I can not because the cabin itself bends around a corner as it turns out

  8. Faelandaea says:

    Guys, if you like this trailer just correct the collision in Blender. Takes under a minute to do and is very easy. Import, correct the collision box size on the length axis, export, enjoy 🙂

  9. István Kakucska says:

    All well and good only truck loads tearing down a cab !

  10. Szymon says:

    please, make normal, no low deck trailer please

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