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OK, 1st thank you for he replies. At xlemond2, I do have the latest version, it get auto updated through Steam.

Gabe12, first off, just because YOU, have not experienced the bug, does not mean it does not exist, nor does it mean that a person is a damn pirate. You are damn rude! If you had read my post rather than skimmed it, you would have read that it was the Steam version. Next time I advise you do not assume things about people, just because you have no answer. Or maybe I should just assume you’re a Trolling Arsehat!!.

I would like to think not, maybe you were just too tired to read the post properly!.

Anyway I have fixed it. Seems the Mod is a bit different in how it’s installed. This is the 1st Mod i have used that get’s activated the way it does. The read-me file isn’t exactly clear on where you activate the hungary.mbd. Does not tell you that at the bottom of the profile page there’s a drop down menu where you select the mdb, and as I stated, this was a new type of Mod activation for me, and that option box is normally greyed out.


1. Delete the previous version from your mod folder! (both and!)
2. Copy to the mod folder!
3. When creating your profile activate and select hungary.mbd as module

Kind regards.