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Hi hi

its 13:16pm on monday o9 dec 2013 update time , damm no replys yet and i think i know why this question has been answer lots of times But I have follow the intruction to the letter

1. Download the mod make sure the mod is 1.7.1 combatable. check
2. Unrar the downloaded mode. check
3. open C:\Users\comp\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2 . check
4. open the Mod folder . check
5. copy and paste SCS.file into the mod folder ie paste Peterbilt-379_scin11 into the mod folder
6. Run Euro truck 2 v1.7.1
7. open the EDIT tab on the load screen
8. Enable the Mod ie Peterbilt-379_scin11
9. Run game
its that easy only guys n girls its aint working please give me some advice thank you