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Hello to all.

I have a queston for help.
I have some Draw i have make in Paint, and like to ask if someone want, and have time offcourse to make some time to put those Draw to a trailer.
I will be happy if it cut be to Cool – Box / Closet Trailer both with sideopen ekeri – Curtain and Jumbo Trailer / Low loader

I also lie if someone can rename Terminal, and makea diferent color to.
The trailer i have a ide to have some in ai, and then some with the Terminal.

The Cooltrailer drive with Pork suspension, Beef, Bread and Cakes, Dairy Products Cheese, Butter, Milk, Yogurt.
The Box Trailer drive with Mixed Products in boxes such as soft drinks, wine, liquor, clothing, fragrances, footwear.
The Curtain and Jumbo Trailer / Low loader drive with Business Equipment, Office Equipment, Storage Equipment.

If someone like to help, i have Draw to send so you can look at them, i also have Draw of trucks by Scania and Volvo
For Combination then I subscribe:
Lorry and trailer
Tractor and Trailer
Multi Tractor
Multi tractor with link

Regards Per S from Denmark