FPS Increase v 1.5

FPS Increase

Here is new version of FPS Increase mod for latest version of game 1.18.xx
now with 2 low traffic mod for better fps.

– Updated for latest update 1.18.x
– Changed flyspeed
– Changed waterfov
– Other small fixes
– Added 2 lowtrafficmod (read changelog file for more info)

Share it but use only original link! You can send mod request on my mail [email protected]

Author: BLiNKT


7 thoughts on “FPS Increase v 1.5

  1. Both files must be included ???

    1. You must use only one scs file for lowtraffic do not use both at same time!read instruction before do anything

      1. You’ll excuse me, I have not work translator. As I understand this mod increases FPS ??? And what better to use one or two tell me please!

        1. All is depend on you which you want you can try 1 and see if good if not than try 2 and yes this mod increase FPS little..

  2. Guys you can get more fps if you turn off mirrors on F2 and if you drive outside of your truck when i drive inside truck i have 40fps but when change camera to out u have 55fps and more..without mirrors this is just a tip for more fps…

    1. Thank you very much !!! And further still expect the mods?

      1. Yes you can expect new version of this mod soon maybe in end of this week

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