Free-Driving Addon for Special Transport DLC v0.2

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No pilot cars for Special Transport DLC
– This addon removes the escort vehicles and 60km/h speed limit from DLC.
– You can get oversize trailers from all standard companies with this addon.
– In short, you can navigate with oversize trailers on the all map.
Caution !
– You need to have Special Transport DLC to use this addon.
⚠ This addon is currently in beta. The size of the trailer may be too big for some companies. If you see such a bug, report to me the name of the cargo you took and the name of the company that you seeing the bug.
v0.2 released. Changes;
– Now compatible with ETS 2 1.31 update.
Required Game Version
Please respect to labor by following these rules;
– Don’t edit the mod files without permission.
– Don’t change the download link while sharing the mod on another sites or YouTube etc.
– Don’t upload the mod to your Sharemods/Modsfile etc. account for earn money.
Thanks in advance.

SCS Software, Frkn64


3 thoughts on “Free-Driving Addon for Special Transport DLC v0.2

  1. Thank you.
    I tried once Roadhunter’s version and the main issue is with tollgates
    Very hard and almost impossible to enjoy in DLC France and Italy (re- tollgates everywhere).Need to teleport often.

  2. merci mais tres peut utile les peage ca passera pas sauf par le chemin de droite mais faut que le jeux prévois le convois, sinon faut prendre que les routes mais certaine ville ne son pas accessible

  3. So it basically ruins the DLC ! No THX

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