Front Camera


Front Camera for Scania Truck

Authors: Furkansevke


12 thoughts on “Front Camera

  1. please for all trucks

  2. volvo4life

    in the next versions make it available for all trucks

  3. it should be trailer camera. Behind the truck.

  4. SCSsofwareTester

    Work with scania 50keda ?

  5. yeah, please make it available for all trucks and behind the trailer or truck

  6. This is the kind of mod which would be nice to have left open, so people can see how the mod was done, and to see if it can be changed for other views as well.

    Just my personal opinion.

  7. ..easy,easy. Here are the unlocked ver. Now make cam for rear cam/parking…

  8. Is it real ?

  9. mega scania

    Very nice work.
    Please make back camera(trailer)

  10. estaria espectacular que se haga de la parte de atras la camara no de adelante

  11. hello please make parking camera mod what can works when you
    press/hold S (reverse button) it can replace the screen navigation

  12. I cant find the mod in my scania.

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