FSG Map Part Alsace v 1.2 [1.36]

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Changelog v1.2
Addition of 4 new cities:
-Montgenèvre (Alps)
Addition of new roads: Highway A36, Highway A35, Departmental D19
Fixed many bugs.
Additions from many custom companies!

New in version V.1.1:
Addition of 3 new cities:
– Feldkich
– Kingersheim
– Wittenheim
3 new companies are waiting for you! : The White Rose Farm (Wittenheim), Norma (Wittenheim) and Dkthlon (Kingersheim)
Addition of 2 new routes: D430 / D2
Fixed many bugs.

Changes in V1. 1:
Added of 3 new cities:
New companies ! : La Ferme de la Rose Blanche (Wittenheim), Norma (Wittenheim) and Dkthlon (Kingersheim)
Added of 2 new roads: D430 / D2
– Added missing decors
– Optimizations of many zones
– Rebuild of the interchange D2 / D430
– Correction of many speed limit

Please read the entire publication, to avoid asking silly questions.

For any question, such as:
Q: How do I install the map?
A: An explanatory video

When you have downloaded the map, you will have a. 7z, open this file and inside you will have a. scs, which you will have to extract into your mod folder.

Q: Why when I start my game, I have the Europe map and not the Alsace map?
A: Because you did not select “FSG. mbd”; instead of “Europe”; when you created your game.

Q: Why is my game crashing, at the beginning of my game, or while I’m driving?
A: The map has been tested WITHOUT mod, so cannot guarantee optional operation. Disable your mods, just keeping the map.

Here is a list of compatible mods, with the map:
-Naturalux (graphic mod)
-Sound fix pack (sound pack)
-All traffic packs (Jazzycat..)
-Mods that increase traffic density.
Not all mods have been tested, these are the main ones.

Place the map first in the mod manager, to avoid any crash of the map.

Farmer’S Ficfic Dk Doktorpixel14 Trucker88320 Stedu27 FLD PfalzMapper


9 Responses to FSG Map Part Alsace v 1.2 [1.36]

  1. ricardo says:


  2. jayontheway228 says:

    Едем по району франции в забитой маршрутке =)

  3. Yoskoff says:


    Très beau boulot pour cette nouvelle version, sauf que il m’est impossible de finir une livraison.
    Il y a les plots pour se garer, mais c’est tout. si je gare ma remorque al ‘endroit indiquer, ça ne me valide rien.
    sinon continuez comme ça, hâte de voir la suite!

  4. Pdelcot says:

    ne fonctionne pas avec promod, dommage. les livraisons plantent ou ne sont pas possible; très beau boulot malgre tout

  5. FarmerS says:

    Good joke, i am the creator, wrong description, wrong credits and wrong pictures of the maps. But it’s the right link

  6. alex cantin says:


  7. antho says:

    impossible de jouer !!

    dés que nous sommes sur la RN66 direction mulhouse le jeu crash direct ! et pareil en passant par l’autoroute. je précise que j’ai bien jouer sur la map sans aucun mods actif .

  8. Tony says:

    esse mapa não funciona na versão 1.36, o arquivo mapa esta com erros, esta vermelho e não da para ativar no gerenciador de mod

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