Game Overhaul v0.4

List of changes:

1. New truck – Mercedes Axor
2. Added Axor to AI traffic
3. AI traffic uses extras (for exmaple grills or lamps)
4. AI traffic uses different cabins
5. AI traffic increased to maximum (Kia Cee’d and bus included)
6. Realistic speeds in countries
7. Realistic fuel prices
8. Increased diveristy of traffic
9. Trucks sometimes overtake each other.

Authors: Eggtooth, Danz, Basti73, Mephic. Inspiration: Lavigne

DOWNLOAD 1-4 mods 100 MB
DOWNLOAD 5-9 mods 0.1 MB

4 thoughts on “Game Overhaul v0.4

  1. 5-9mods it doesnt worked,can you repair,thank you 😀

    1. why 5-9mods it doesnt work?

  2. I have problem too, 5-9 mods doesn´t work. After copy to file mods and start game – game crashes and fall. After remove this mod, game works ok. I have WIN 7 Ultimate, version game is 1.1.1 (without new patches). Mods 1-4 works OK.

  3. Great model of truck,but wrong engines 408hp,456hp Axor???

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